Life Celebrations by Emily
~ personalized, meaningful, heartfelt  ~
Honoring Death ~ Celebrating Life

A funeral usually takes place soon
after a death, with the casket or urn
present. This service typically takes
place in a funeral parlor or a church.
Emily feels that every service,
whether a funeral or a celebration,
should reflect the personality and
beliefs of the person being honored.
She does this by taking the time to
talk to the family, learn about the
interests and beliefs of the
deceased, and weave them into a
story to share at the ceremony.

Emily maintains a library of funeral
poetry to offer alternatives to the
usual readings. Music and other
elements may also be of your

Emily believes that every life has
meaning and purpose, and every
life deserves to be celebrated and
celebrated well. A memorial service
can be a valuable source of
healing. Nothing can remove your
grief, but a genuine, well-prepared
tribute may ease the pain.

Traditionally a  memorial service
does not include the presence of
the body or cremains. Sometimes a
family may wish to have an intimate
committal or burial service and a
memorial service soon after for
their friends and loved ones. The
ceremony does not have to follow a
particular format. There are no
limitations on the content of this

Life celebrations are less formal than
a memorial service.  The gathering
may take place in any location you
choose: perhaps a restaurant,
community center, park, or other
outdoor setting. Guests will share
happy memories of the deceased.

Rituals can include candles to
symbolize the person's spirit,
mementos shared by loved ones,
or in the Native American tradition,
breaking a cup to symbolize the
release of the person's soul. These
are just a few examples of different
ways to honor a loved one, but the
possibilities are endless once you
start thinking outside the casket!



Personalized Ceremonies are created with care.

To create the memorial ceremony, funeral service, or celebration of life, Emily will meet with designated
family and friends, and/or communicate with you by phone and e-mail. In collaboration with you, she will
carefully craft a eulogy and create a ceremony with music, quotes, readings, unique symbols, and rituals.
No ceremony is delivered unless every detail of the eulogy is checked and approved by the family. Then,
with compassion, sincerity and warmth, Emily will conduct the service at the location of your choice. Emily
is an independent celebrant, so the ceremony can take place anywhere: perhaps a restaurant, community
center, or a place in nature that was meaningful to your loved one.

      "It was so nice to meet you at Cindy's memorial.  We all thought that you did a wonderful job and so many people
commented on how beautiful and meaningful the service was.  I'm glad that you were able to say all the things that we
wanted to say on such an important day. Thank you!"

                                                                                    ~ Laurie (Cindy's sister)

      "Thank you for all you did to make my father's service so meaningful. You helped convey a bigger and more telling
picture of what he meant to us and all those who were blessed to
have known him."

                                                                                    ~ Nancy M

      "The service you did for Aaron was lovely and perfect.  Everyone said so. It really helped immensely."

                                                                                     ~ Alicia W
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